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All of the characters in OFF are stuck in an infinite timeloop, and Zacharie is the only one that remembers. For each new timeline, there’s a new “player” and Zacharie hopes that this will be the one who prevents the Batter from destroying everything. Still, he knows that his purpose in this world is to be a merchant and so he does his job patiently.

This is why he’s so unaffected by every death in the game. He even has a mask for every other character in the game, so that he can take up their role if need be.

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OFF - Zacharie Masks

Made these because my girlfriend at the time was gone, and I didn’t have anything to do. The owl mask is of my own design, I thought it would be cool if Zacharie had gone through a few masks and was trying his hardest to seem friendly. So he started with the owl mask, but didn’t really catch on, so went to a frog and cat mask because those animals are generally seen as cute and friendly. I thought about also making Zacharie a wooden shark helmet for a neat cosplay, it would look like a knight’s helmet and yeah cool. I’ll probably just make it its own thing though. ‘Kay I made these masks out of a cardboard cut out, then paper mache’d it then painted it black and hot glued popsicle sticks. For the owl mask I pre painted the sticks and then when glued on, I sandpapered it down for them to really POP out. Yeaaaaaaah, pretty easy to make though. Anyone could try it out and if you do, send me some pics!!!

Kudos for my best friend for taking these rad ass photographs.

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